A Focus On Strategy Not Product

Strategy Focused







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Why Moat Capital

Strategy Focused
• Not product driven
• Strategies that help deal with investment uncertainty
• Tailored share market risk management
• Protected strategies that are liquid with no lock in time frames
• Innovative sentiment based approach

• No complex ownership structures
• Direct and/or beneficial ownership
• Reputable platform providers and brokerage houses

Greater Transparency and Control
• Direct Securities
• Simple fee structure and 24/7 access to accounts
• Portfolio transactions sent through on same day with analysis
• Monthly performance and valuation reports
• Monthly market analysis update

Mandate Flexibility
• Not constrained by rigid fund mandates

• Direct access to the manager

Full Liquidity
• Access to your money at any time

Investment Analysis

At Moat Capital we utilise price action analysis, often referred to as technical analysis as our main method of analysis for stock and/or asset class selection. We also subscribe to a number of high quality independent researchers and economists for additional fundamental and macro analysis.

We primarily use a cyclical form of price action analysis based on the ‘Dow Theory’ which we have modified to be used on specific securities and/or assets and sectors as a whole.

As the name Moat in Moat Capital suggests, the analysis is used to help soften the impact of possible prolonged and significant cyclical downturns in the share market by optimising the entry into and exit out of positions.

For further information on how we aim to protect portfolios refer to ‘Protection’ under the Asset Management tab.

Multi Asset Strategy That Focuses On The Up Cycles